Extract videos and pictures from hosting platforms

Download digital assets in bulk from platforms like Wix, Squarespace and Wordpress

Case Study: OutFit

OutFit makes it simple for fitness instructors to manage their classes online.

Videos locked into Wix

Some of OutFit's customers had used Wix for years. They had published hundreds of hours of video, but had no way to export them, leaving customers locked in. Hotswap was there to help.

Customer profile user interface

Our Solution

We worked alongside the engineers at OutFit and developed a process to download those videos from a customer's account and archive them to S3. We also delivered a API which listed the details for each video so that OutFit could import them into their platform.

Inbox user interface

“It previously took us a day to figure out how to migrate data from a new platform. With Hotswap, it takes less than hour and we never have to worry about maintaining the connections ourselves. What Hotswap has built is magical, they've taken a complex and boring workflow and made it into something delightful.”

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