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Case Study: Knowi

Knowi lets you build charts from queries on large data sets from almost any datasource.
Vendor lock-in

The Problem

Knowi reached out to us because they wanted to help customers move onto their platform. Those users had outgrown their existing software but didn't have a clear migration path.

The Solution

We worked alongside Knowi to provide a service which extracts dashboard configurations from the old platform and maps them to the new. We also automated the process of recreating the user's charts. Users could gain value from Knowi within days of the start of their contract.

Data Sources
We migrate connection details. The user only adds passwords
SQL queries are migrated from the old system to the new.
Display your data using a comparable chart in the new tool

How we work

Each migration is a white-glove experience.
VEndor details

Tell us which vendor you're on and which vendor you're moving to, along with any additional changes planned for the migration.

Dashboard selection

Tell us which dashboards you'd like us to move and any charts you'd like to exclude.


Provide us with a service account on your old and new vendors.

our magic

Using our Rosetta Stone, we use a combination of our algorithms and hand-tweaking to fulfill your expectations.

Per Dashboard pricing

Our pricing is much lower than you'll see a consultant's quote. This is possible because we've built our "Rosetta Stone" to assist in an idiomatic translation between BI Tools.

  • Data Sources
  • Queries
  • Charts
  • Transforms
  • Categories
  • Users and Groups

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Jay Gopalakrishnan
CEO, Knowi

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