Are your customers locked into a competitor's product? We can help.

Hotswap is the fastest way to onboard customers migrating from competitors. We specialize in exporting data, even when it's not easy to extract. We then help import it to your product.

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Chartio is shutting down in March 2022. We can help you migrate quickly. Keep the dashboards you want and leave the ones you don't.

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1-Click Integration

Import your customers from a competing product.

With Hotswap's drop-in widget, your customers can connect their old data, preferences, and configurations to your product. Even if the old platform doesn't have a clean export API.

Use real data

Improve onboarding with real data.

Let your customers try out your product with their actual data, rather than starting with an empty system. Your users are in control of what they migrate, giving them the opportunity to clean up along the way.

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Endless Customization

Bring your own logic

Need custom logic? Code your importer in any language, and we'll run it within our platform. We provide the scaffolding to let you consume data from competitors' products.

"Hotswap has helped Knowi become a leading solution to migrate away from Chartio using their painless migration solution, allowing us to onboard new users and dramatically accelerate our sales pipeline. I can’t recommend the Hotswap team enough."

Jay Gopalakrishnan
CEO at Knowi

"It previously took us a day to figure out how to migrate data from a new platform.  With Hotswap, it takes less than hour and we never have to worry about maintaining the connections ourselves. What Hotswap has built is magical, they've taken a complex and boring workflow and made it into something delightful."

Justin Hunter
CEO at OutFit

How we work

Each migration is a white-glove experience.
VEndor details

Tell us which vendor your users are using today.

DaTA selection

Tell us what data you'd like us to move and any data you'd like to exclude.


Provide us with a service account on your old and new vendors.

our magic

We develop a set of APIs, tools, and background jobs to extract and provide you access to your customers' data.

Join companies who are onboarding their customers quickly. Get the results you want on a predictable timeline.

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